My name is Natalia. I teach how to start speaking and understanding Polish. In the past, even though I was learning foreign languages ​​for many years, I was embarrassed to ask for directions when I first went to Berlin. I would rather get lost than overcome the fear of making mistakes or misunderstanding a person I talked to. Then I understood that something went wrong in the process of my language education. I studied languages ​​for so many years, I knew a lot of words and grammar rules but my knowledge turned out to be useless in everyday communication.


At that moment, I realised wanted to become a teacher and show my students a different path of learning.

I’ve always loved traveling. So I started learning Spanish to go to South America. From the beginning, communication was my main goal. I wanted to speak and understand basic phrases useful while traveling. I was learning in such a way so that I could communicate in Spanish from the very first days of learning. After each lesson, I was able to speak better and better. Imagine my surprise when after just a few weeks of learning the language I went to Spain and was able to solve a problem with a hotel room that I didn’t like, ask for directions (and understand the answer!) or order food in the restaurant IN SPANISH. Obviously, I didn’t know all the words I needed and I used a pocket dictionary, but what was the most important, I wasn’t afraid of interacting with people in a foreign language anymore. I was proud of myself.

This is exactly how I teach Polish. I show my students that they can start to speak a foreign language on the very first lesson, overcoming fear and language barrier, not thinking too much about grammar and mistakes. I am a teacher and a translator by education*. I know my job well. 

*holding the MA degree both in Applied Linguistics (Translation Studies of English, German & Polish) and Polish Philology obtained from the University of Warsaw.

Would you like to start speaking Polish today?

                                   take a look at my offer->

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